Security by the three rivers

Just got word that ESX 2010 will be in Pittsburgh, which isn't nearly as bad as it might initially sound. Pittsburgh gets a bad rap, I think. People think steel-town, gritty, boring, but it's actually got a lot going on for it. The Andy Warhol Museum rocks, for example. They've got Carnegie Mellon, where a bunch of technology has originated that you're using in the industry today. And the South Side is a great place to party. Start pre-gaming here. Maybe the best thing about this new show on the schedule is that it's taking us to places we don't go all that often on the show circuit. Baltimore this year is kind of boring, sure, but Nashville last year was kick ass and Pittsburgh will be a blast. My votes for upcoming years (knowing that it's not going to be West of the Mississippi for a while) include Savannah and Memphis. NFPA's choices of Chicago and Boston lately have been spot-on, too, I guess, but I don't go to the fire events. That's what Martha does.