Security videos on video monitoring


I got an email from Andy Stadler over at Security Partners yesterday. He wanted to pass on a link to a video he'd made explaining video monitoring and the video services Security Partners offers. I welcome such videos from my readers. I'd love to get a look and write about what you're doing.

I hadn't talked with Andy for a while--not since I wrote about Security Partners launching their annual Video Monitoring Symposium Network convention.

Looks like video’s something they’re really getting into these days.

“As a boutique wholesale central station with under 50k accounts we needed to differentiate ourselves from our competition so we bought Immix in 2008 and decided to get ahead of the curve if we could,” Andy told me. “We partnered up with a dealer in the Midwest who was had a vertical for video monitoring to replace on-site guards and we have been cutting our teeth together in this complex process for the last two years.”

I asked Andy if they’d started to specialize their operators out into intrusion-specific and video-specific pods such as has been done at other monitoring centers, and he said that may be on the way.

“At this time we have our video and traditional alarms co-mingled within our staff, but typically a supervisor handles the video alarms since it requires a higher skill set,” Andy said. “Our goal is to eventually create an entirely separate video division when the demand gets to a certain point.”

Video’s pretty cool.

I’ve talked a lot with security industry folks who do high-end video for business clients, folks who do a lot of municipal monitoring and folks who like having video in the home.

All of them agree, video is becoming more and more ubiquitous as technology improves and prices come down.

Thanks for the video, Andy.