See Vivint's new logo


This morning's announcement that APX Alarm has changed its name to Vivint follows a big celebration at the Provo, Utah headquarters yesterday, I'm told.

Now, if you're trying to keep a lid on something, telling hundreds of staffers isn't generally the best strategy. It is a good way to get buy-in from employees, however. And if you're asking those employees to go out and bang on doors all day long, their buy-in is key.

When Brink's Home Security changed its name to Broadview in June 2009, and then again when Tyco announced it would purchase Broadview, many Broadview dealers were taken by surprise. And, while they wouldn't say it on the record, several I spoke with didn't like the surprise. Of course, the fact that Brink's and Tyco are public companies makes these kinds of announcements much more complicated. There are many things that a private company like Vivint is free to do that public companies just can't.

My point here, however, is that involving the employees in a major way is just plain smart politics. COO Alex Dunn, who knows a little something about political strategy, having spent some time as an operative in Massachusetts government, told me that employees were actively involved in the rebranding process all along the way.

“Rebranding is as important for our employees as it is for anyone,” he said. “We’ve had a tremendous amount of internal communications and meetings. And the name change itself is not the point, the point is expanding our focus.”

And interestingly, even though they had a big party in Provo yesterday, and staffers have known the new name for weeks, word didn't seem to leak outside of the Utah Valley in a big way anyway. Here's a link to their website, where you can see their new orange logo.