Is this "seeing through walls"?

I just got a box in the mail containing a flying pig. Well, a plastic pig with wings that flap that you can hang from the ceiling, not something that actually flies. The reason? UltraVision says people told them they'd see through walls, "when pigs fly," and now, well, they can do it, so here are some flying pigs. I guess I have an issue with their definition of "seeing." Watch this video and tell me if you think this qualifies as "seeing" through anything. Okay, done now? I'm thinking that detection motion through walls (or the ground, or whatever) is pretty darn cool and useful, but doesn't really qualify as "seeing" anything. Sure, you can judge the size and speed of the object, but you don't know whether it's holding a gun, or is actually two people, etc. I think this is one of those cases of overselling something that doesn't need to be oversold.