Select Security takes from the big boys


Select Security, a super-regional alarm company based in Lancaster, Pa., successfully experimented with a summer model program last summer to beat the big boys at their own game. This summer, the company is going a step further: It is not only repeating its summer sales program but has hired a sales representative from one of the big companies to run it.

I’ve written previously about how Select Security president Patrick Egan went to Utah, home of the big summer model companies, and hired some college students to sell alarm systems for Select Security door to door in Pennsylvania.

This summer, Select Security plans to have even more teams of college student summer sales staff—and it now has hired one of Pinnacle Security’s former sales reps to run the program.

Select Security announced Jan. 13 that Derek Taylor, who formerly worked for Pinnacle, an Orem, Utah-based company that does summer-model sales nationwide, joined Select Security as of Monday this week as Select Security's Residential Program Sales Manager.

“We’re excited,” Egan told me. He said the company ran an ad and Taylor applied and “came out shining.”

“He’s had some real strong individual performance and he knows the (door-to-door) model very, very well … and we think he’s going to build a good team,” Egan said.

Taylor will work out of the company’s corporate office in Lancaster, but will begin recruiting efforts in Utah, starting next week, Egan said.

“He’ll be joining us in Provo…he’s already got lots of people lined up for us to see,” Egan said. He added that Taylor also would be recruiting around the country. “He’s got a whole bunch of other areas he wants to recruit in,” Egan said.

Taylor, 26, told me he’s been in the industry about five years. He said he saw Select Security's ad on Craiglist and said he’s eager to work with the company because they operate year round and are successful.

“I want to work with Patrick and the guys and take a residential program to new heights and to new levels,” Taylor said.

Egan said sales representatives will have an advantage working for a traditional security company like his, which does business throughout Pennsylvania. "They're going into our markets," he said. "They're going to be selling our name, they're not selling for an out-of-state company. It should be an easier sale and easier close."