The serial CEO

In the short time I've been in the security industry (well, three years now, but "short" is a relative term in an industry where everyone seems to have been here since the Carter administration), few executives are more well traveled than Dieter Kondek. Word comes today that he's the new head of U.S. operations for German video analytics firm via:sys (and you thought you knew all 100 of the video analytics companies...). No link to the announcement, but here's a taste of the release: ViaSys Names Former Agent Vi CEO Dieter Kondek Head of US Operations Kondek to Lead US Business Development for Video Analytics Software Company Hmm, seems the full colon comes and goes in the name of the company. On their web site, it seems pretty clearly to be all lowercase, with that colon in the middle. But in the release, we've got caps for the V and the S. This is the sort of thing that keeps an editor up at night. What's AP style on this? Frankfurt, Germany and Cape Coral, Florida - September 9, 2008 – ViaSys, developers of intelligent video analytics software for the mass-market, announces today the appointment of Dieter Kondek as head of the newly formed US Operations for the German based company. Kondek, together with Anson Moran, based in ViaSys’ California office, will build, lead and direct the company’s US channel & OEM partner efforts and related programs in North, Central and South America. Dieter always finds a way to be based in Florida. He's got a sweet boat that he spends a lot of time on. I don't blame him. He's a guy who loves to have fun. I met him at our second TechSec event, the one held in Savannah, and let's just say we painted that town all sorts of colors. At the time, he was head of DynaPel. Then he moved over to become head of Aspectus/Agent Vi, overseeing the name change and helping to put together a nice little manufacturers alliance. From talking to him, I know he loves the challenge of building a company up, but isn't a company maintenance type. Kondek joins ViaSys from Agent Vi where he served as President and CEO. While at Agent Vi, Kondek and his team designed, launched, and enhanced Agent Vi’s worldwide reseller and OEM program. His efforts included the management of several large OEM and systems integrator relationships in the US, Europe and Asia. Kondek brings 35 years of experience with technology, business and video security to ViaSys. Previously, he served in top management positions at companies including DynaPel, Dell, Computer 2000, Linotype-Hell, MetaCreations and IBM. Dieter has some good stories about Bill Gates, if I remember right. Catch him at around midnight during a show and you'll get some good stuff. “I am very exited to join this young and enthusiastic team”, said Dieter Kondek, “and I know that many customers, integrators and OEM’s are looking for an entry level video analytics solution which runs at the edge, is easy to integrate and affordable.” ViaSys’ next generation motion detection is focusing on the mass market to deploy video intelligence into every IP camera for a very competitive price. The software plug-in has been widely deployed by leading network/IP camera manufacturers and VMS platform developers like Axis, IQInvision, Milestone and OnSSI. “We’re excited about the technology industry experience he brings to the table, and as this new era of video analytics drives the market, we expect his insight, track record and leadership to be critical success drivers as we execute our market strategy in the US,” said Dirk Owerfeldt, VP Business Development of ViaSys. “ViaSys software plug-in gives system integrators and OEM technology partners a new level of flexibility to deploy this solution to existing edge devices without any hardware upgrades,” said Kondek. ViaSys core competence is the smallest and fastest field proven IV algorithm worldwide. Focused on intruder detection, perimeter protection and alarming which comprise 70% of the security market, by far the biggest segment of all IV applications. Comparable solutions in this segment require 5 to 20x more memory capacity and CPU power. Hmm, this seems to be Agent Vi's pitch almost to a T. They may or may not be pleased to have Dieter working for the competition. I'm going to lean toward may not.