Show some customer love with free classes


A new tip from the Security Industry Alarm Coalition made me think about Valentine’s Day, which is right around the corner. That’s because SIAC’s suggestion—to offer free alarm system classes to customers—is all about getting closer to your customers and the police department, and helping your business to boot.

According to SIAC, offering such classes has a host of benefits.

“Your state or local electronic security association (or your company) can get great visibility from such a program, and build a better relationship with the police department. In the process, you’ll help customers operate their systems more effectively, reduce calls for police dispatch and create a closer relationship with your customers, leading to sales growth,” according to SIAC’s blog on its web site.

If your company or association doesn’t want to take the lead on this, suggest it to your local police department, SIAC suggests.

The group said that the police department in Casa Grande, Ariz. is launching such a free class to the public to reduce the number of false alarms demanding police attention there.

The new class will show what to do if an alarm goes off, and how to obtain an alarm permit, a requirement to operate the system in the city, according to SIAC.

As incentive, the city offers a $50 waiver certificate good for one year toward outstanding cost recovery fees, SIAC said.

“It’s a good plan. Those of us in the electronic security industry should take heed,” SIAC said.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Maybe it’s time to show a little more love to your customers, local police, and your business, by offering some free alarm know-how.