SIAC gives a shout out to contributors


I got an email from SIAC today concerning a pretty cool update to their site.

SIAC has been updating a lot lately, getting more heavily into social networking and taking the opportunity to update their website give some props to the peeps who've supported the associaiton in the past. There's a section on their new site dedicated to lauding those who've contributed to SIAC's running.

I wrote earlier in the year about SIAC's appeal for contributions. Those guys DO work pretty tirelessly with municipalities on behalf of the industry. They're always there trying to bridge the gap when municipalities and the industry threaten to clash.

SIAC executive director Stan Martin summed up the newly-added contributors page in the SIAC email:

“One of the main reasons we added our list of contributors is to give them the recognition and thanks they deserve for keeping SIAC funded and enabling us to help improve alarm management practices.  It’s only through their help that we can do the good work we do for other companies in our industry,” Martin said in the release.

Drop by SIAC's site and contribute or just get a look at those who have and thank them for supporting one of the industry's advocates.