SIA's new product awards

I have to admit I'm a little jaded toward these SIA-sponsored awards at ISC West. Sure, it's an honor to be judged the best product, but I swear that every booth I visited had one of those little clear glass awards, all smudged up with fingerprints. Did anybody not win an award this year? Well, lots of people didn't, I guess. Maybe I'm just jealous. Maybe if I wasn't so lazy I'd apply for those Tabbie awards they give to hack trade journalists like myself, then I'd have a bunch of smudgy awards, too. Sure I would! Anyway, Noble Peak won the top award, a follow-on to their Global Security Challenge award last year. They're cleaning up (they scored $12 million in venture capital this year, too-now I'm really jealous), so they must be doing something right. Like Vumii, they don't have a ton of practical application right now, but they make cool stuff. For the full list of winners, go here.