Siemens bidding for Nortel's enterprise biz

Many of you know that Nortel is in bankruptcy, which is sort of hard to imagine when you remember that within the last decade the company was the single highest-valued stock in all of Canada. The part of Nortel that you care about is its security business, which I'm not sure was ever very large in the first place, but was large enough that John Sheridan, who ran the security integration practice at the time, was invited to speak at Securing New Ground 2007. And Nortel partnered with Assa and MDI on the whole LearnSafe thing. And Pelco just hired a former Nortel exec as a senior VP. So, Nortel's been in and around the industry a bit. Now Siemens is battling with Avaya and others for the company's enterprise services assets. If Siemens grabs it, I've got to think they can leverage some of those capabilities in their security biz. If Avaya grabs it, maybe not so much.