Silent Knight success story

I got an email today from Ken Scott, of Philly fire installation company FAMCO, who I'd written a story about a couple years ago. Here's the story Ken sent a follow-up about how the Silent Knight system he installed worked during an April 1 fire. Here's the bulk of the email. Thanks Ken for sending this along.
At 5:31 PM on December 30, 2000 a tragic fire happened at Simpson House that resulted in 3 deaths. (see NFPA Journal Sept/October 2001 and Security System News January 2007) After this fire FAMCO installed an IFP-1000. At 5:44 PM on April 1, 2009 a fire started in a residents room when a lamp was knocked into a trash can full of paper. Within seconds a smoke detector in the hallway activated sounding the general alarm and the Fire Department was dispatched. The IFP-1000 continued to send signals to our Central Station as the Water Flow, additional Smoke Detectors, and Pull Stations were activated. Due to the early warning provided by the IFP-1000 all residents and staff were safely removed from the building. The Fire was contained to one room. The fire was very hot and 4 sprinkler heads activated during the fire. FAMCO responded and within a few hours all of the damaged Smoke Detectors had been replaced and the IFP-1000 was fully functional again. No lives were lost and no one was hurt. This is remarkable due the fact that a lot of the residents use walkers to get around. Congratulations to Silent Knight for building a product that has worked and continues to work 24 hours a day for the past 9 years. A product that gives the residents and staff of Simpson House confidence it a Life Safety System. This is what it is all about, saving lives.