So, do the cops in Indiana still support ECV?

Maybe I've got Michael Phelps on the brain, but this story struck me as particularly amusing:
SOUTH BEND, IN (AP) - Mother Nature helped police uncover a home marijuana-growing operation. Police say a gust of wind set off a security alarm at a home in western St. Joseph County Tuesday, prompting Indiana State Police Trooper Mick Dockery to investigate. Dockery found the back door of the home open. Inside the home, his police dog indicated the presence of drugs. Police found 19 marijuana plants and 40 grams of processed marijuana. No arrests have been made, but St. Joseph County prosecutors are reviewing possible charges against the homeowners.
Anyone know the central that dispatched this? I'd love to know if they used enhanced call verification? Because I just can't imagine why some stoner who's growing dope would purchase and maintain a monitored security alarm. Was he scared someone would steal his dope? Then go after the guy for grand larceny? Makes you wonder if the cops are still so in favor of ECV, right? I mean, if they had reached this guy on a cell, do you think he'd have recommended the police investigate the premises? Just how many drug arrests is ECV preventing - that's what I'd like to know. Also, this strikes me as a perfect market for InGrid and Total Connect and the like: The dope-growing market. Clearly, these guys want to protect their stash, so I'm sure they'd love an alarm system that sent an alert by text straight to their mobile devices. You know, they're out at the burrito joint, taking care of their munchies, when all of a sudden they get a text: "Motion in Zone 1." Stoner 1: "Dude, did you put the dog out?" Stoner 2: "Dude, I don't know, dude. Maybe?" Stoner 1: "Ah, man, Total Connect just texted me: Someone might be stealing our stash!" Stoner 2: "That's cool. I've got the camera rigged up to my iPhone. Hold on a sec and I'll see what's the haps ... Yep, it's toootally the dog! We're all set, dude. Can you pass the hot sauce, man?" Maybe InGrid could make one of their cool promotional videos along these lines with guys from Pineapple Express? I renounce all copyright to the above script, if so. My gift to them.


"Pass the hot sauce, man"?

Either stoners where you are are totally different from every other stoner I've ever met, or "hot sauce" is a euphemism. In which case I would hope your jounalistic integrity would prompt you to share the defintion of "hot sauce".

C'mon. They're at a burrito joint. Who doesn't like a little red hot on their burrito? It's all about the context, man.