So who's gonna 'revolutionize third party monitoring?'

My publisher Tim Purpura and I just got back from the inaugural Rapid Response Users Group in Verona, N.Y. What a time. Everyone I spoke to at the event had the same impression: that the event was a well-oiled machine and that Rapid really was there to support it's dealers and integrators. One attendee even went so far as to tell me, basically, (I'm paraphrasing) "this may look like a whole lot of showing off, but it's not. Jeff Atkins backs it up." The impression I got was that Rapid would do whatever it could to curtail turnover in it's central station, provide new applications and services as dealer differentiators, lower costs, and improve service. Overall, it was a well-done event with lots of staff from RR and AE ventures--who did PR and event planning and execution--checking in to be sure everyone had everything they needed. I got to sit down with RR president Jeff Atkins and chairman and CEO Russ MacDonnell and Secure Global Solutions' VPs Hank Goldberg and Thom Meyer to discuss what Goldberg said was a "15-year quest to get Rapid as a client." Atkins used his welcome breakfast address to announce that Rapid was in the process (projected to be complete in early 2010) of converting to the stages central station monitoring platform. Atkins went so far as to say the "synergy of Rapid Response and stages will revolutionize third party monitoring." I chuckled a little and he just said "You watch. You just watch us." We're watching. Check out the Rapid Response Users Group site for more material from the RRUG.


If your looking for a real-time surveillance monitoring over the Internet. Iveda Solutions ( has the services to provide to most end users. Their combination of managed video hosting, real-time surveillance monitoring (not triggered like most central station), superb security daily reporting and mobile applications including the iPhone. Make it a value proposition for any customer with 1 or many remote properties. Surveillance made easy!

Hey Xavier,

Thank you for the comment. Though I am uncertain what your comment has to do with Rapid Response, or the recent RRUG in Verona, N.Y., I welcome commentary and am willing to dole out the benefit of the doubt... Also, I think you mean "you're" in the first line of your comment, rather than "your."