The social media experiment at ISC

It's not like I didn't have the blog at last ISC West. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to bring you this guy: Sadly, Taser man has still never reached out to me - maybe he's on Twitter. That's definitely one way I'm suddenly contacting and being contacted. Though I think there's a universal bit of skepticism about the business value of Twitter and other social networking devices (Hi Chris), what we did last night, gathering maybe 30 people in the Treasure Island bar to talk shop (and not talk shop), was pretty cool. Basically, we only advertised the gathering via the blog and Twitter (and, I guess, telling people about it), and people actually showed up. At ASIS, we had a wine and cheese party at our booth that gathered the same amount of people, but we paid to print up little post cards and we paid to have it catered, and I'm thinking about the methods and the results. Catered events at shows=expensive. Printing things up=expensive (and wasteful). Twitter and the blog=free. Buying people drinks at the bar=less expensive (though we're in Vegas where beers are $7 unless you're at the tables, where they're free). So is that a business case argument for social networking. Did we see some ROI there, maybe? Kind of hard to say. I wonder if we'd have gotten the same amount of people if we'd just told people about it. I'm not entirely sure what all of the tabs came to. Maybe people like wine and cheese parties at the booth (where all of our branding happens to be, as well). Still, as an experiment, I think it was successful. And though all the conversations were "off the record," I still learned a bit and had some great arguments. Managed services may be the buzz here at ISC, but let's just say that there are still some skeptics. But I'm talking to Westec first thing this morning, so maybe I can do more to quiet that skepticism (or fuel it).


I find it slightly ironic that someone who publishes a print magazine says "Printing things up=expensive (and wasteful)" :)

Now that's classic :)

Ironic, but true. Printing things up is expensive and wasteful. That's kind of why all those papers are going out of business. Paper costs have increased 10-fold in the last 10 years, distribution is way more expensive, etc., etc. We all feel guilty for killing so many trees. Facts of life. That's probably why I'm paying so much attention to our web site, right?

Still, gambling is expensive and wasteful and I still do that, too... So who knows how long we'll be reading papers. If we could only make newspaper-reading come along with free drinks, we'd be all set, I think.

Also, you can't swat a mosquito with a laptop. Not more than once, anyway.