Solid state DVRs becoming the norm?

How long will it be before most DVRs are solid state, with no moving parts that can break down? I hear all the time about DVRs not lasting more than a couple of years, with drives failing left and right, and about the importance of failover and RAID 5 and all that good stuff for NVRs, too. But if we weren't relying on spinning drives, we wouldn't need to worry nearly as much about failure, right? Seems like we're getting there. Western Digital released today their solid state drive for embedded devices, which starts at 128 gigs. Not exactly a 2 Terabyte drive, I understand, but how long can it be? Sure, we'll always want more storage, and the spinning drives are out ahead and will likely stay out ahead, but a DVR with 128 gigs of storage wasn't too shabby just a few years ago and many are still sold with only 250 gigs. Right now, mobile DVRs are advertising solid state drives for "rugged" environments, but why wouldn't you want them all time if you could have them?


"The 128GB model is priced at $529" according to