Sunny in AMAG land

While my family and colleagues are digging out from yet another Monday snowstorm, I'm in Scottsdale waiting for the sun to come up so I can go for a run before the day's events begin here at the AMAG's Security Engineering Symposium. Sam tells me we've got six inches of snow and it's still dumping in Maine right now. Most of the office will be working from home no doubt, so if you're trying to reach Sam or Dan today, email's a better bet than calling. In soon-to-be-sunny Scottsdale,AMAG's got a full day planned for the 70-plus consultants who are here for the event. We'll be hearing about managing multiple levels of security for data centers from Ingersoll Rand; more on H.264 from Axis; HID's launch of 'HID on the Desktop' and lots more. Sun's coming up, more later.


Hey there Martha. You picked the right time to head to Phoenix. Enjoy the weather and we'll see you when you get back.