Surveillance is for the dogs

Sorry, just couldn't pass this story by. Have you thought about marketing your integration firm as an animal-cruelty prevention service? Maybe you should. Anderson hired a security company to install surveillance cameras that allegedly caught the neighbor on tape, tossing two small objects [rat poison, it turns out] in the direction of Anderson's yard. A couple of years ago, the same neighbor had filed enough noise complaints about Pete that the dog's owner had to defend himself in a DeKalb County court. Last week, DeKalb County police arrested the neighbor, 46-year-old John Groover, and charged him with felony cruelty to animals. "It's like that show, 'To Catch a Predator,' [but] doggy-style," Anderson said. There seem to be a number of jokes I could make here, but none of them seems appropriate. One question: When will we stop using the phrase "caught on tape," when, in fact, nobody actually uses VCRs for surveillance anymore (at least not in new systems. I mean, right?)?