TechSec Day 2

Why am I just getting around to summing up Day 2 of TechSec Solutions, though it ended roughly 48 hours ago? Well, you can thank JFK airport in some small part - due to an absurd amount of traffic going through there, it took me roughly 24 hours to make it home (partly, this is because every air traffic controller on the face of the earth hates Jet Blue and they always get the short straw coming in and going out). Then, today, since I got it at 4 a.m., I kind of slouched around with the kids, playing hide and seek and such, and am just now getting around to the blog.
I know many of you have been refreshing your browsers for hours, desperate for the latest TechSec news, so I apologize. (Those of you who've actually been refreshing your browsers, please seek psychiatric attention.) Anyway, Day 2 was pretty hot, actually. The video analytics panel, featuring Alan Lipton from ObjectVideo and Doug Marman from VideoIQ, was standing-room-only. The big message (which you already got if you read the newswire) was that analytics actually work now (huzzah!), but you have to actually have a plan for using them properly, just like you have a plan for each piece of technology you're employing. Analytics are no panacea, and Alan did a great job of showing what analytics can't do - i.e., see in the dark without help, see through fog, pick out a face in a crowd of 100,000, figure out if four pixels of information is a person or not, etc. Then Doug presented a great business case for analytics in use in a virtual guard tour application. This just seems like a brilliant RMR opportunity for even a small integrator selling to your average car lot. Also, there was a real buzz around the show floor, as people really seemed to be putting two and two together, getting creative with how different manufacturers could work together to make integrators' lives really easy. Particularly, the command and control software makers (you can get the full list of exhibitors here) were getting a ton of attention. Anyway, without further ado, here's the video that gives you a free pass to the day's activities. It was a great event, and I'm already looking forward to 2009, which will again be in Dallas. Okay, I'll admit I'm partly looking forward to it because it gives me a chance to hit Austin afterwards. On Wednesday night, I hit the Continental Club. That place rocks.