That's how they roll in Kansas

I got a hit from my Google alerts that a news video surveillance system is being installed in Wilson, Kansas. So I checked it out. Here's what I found.
Those who break the law in the Czech Capital of Kansas may soon find their actions clearly recorded day or night on “candid camera,” thanks to action taken April 21 by the Wilson City Council.
This is very typical coverage of these new systems. Generally, a mention of either Candid Camera (which claims to be the most-watched reality show on TV - I'm skeptical) or Big Brother is mandatory, preferably with meaningless and unnecessary quotes around the term. Did someone say the words "candid camera," and you just didn't feel like attributing them to anyone? Are you worried people are unfamiliar with the term candid camera and the way you're using it? Anyhoo, I was about to move on, since I can't exactly write up every new municipal surveillance system that gets approved, despite the fun I might have with headlines that refer to this town's strange claim to fame: Czech it Out! A Czech in the Video Surveillance Box! Microphone Czech one-two! (Sorry, that last one is really just a Beastie Boys reference and not really related to anything video. Couldn't help myself.) But then I kept reading.
Council members approved the purchase and installation of a $14,995.66 video surveillance system from Wondernerd Technology in Salina. The system consists of five night-vision capable, mobile, wireless cameras and software.
What? There's an integrator calling themselves Wondernerd Technology. Wondernerd? Like Wonder Woman, but a nerd? I have to speak with these folks immediately! Unfortunately, Google turned up exactly two returns for "Wondernerd Technology": this very story, and a cut-and-paste of this very story on a Web site dedicated to Eastern European technology news (they were thrown by the Czech reference, I'm guessing). Where are you Wondernerds? If you're so nerdy, why do you not have a web presence of any sort? I thought nerds lived on the web. I was expecting a social networking experience where I could talk in a forum with other wondernerds who enjoy talking about video surveillance. I'm highly disappointed. Further,, which is pretty reliable, has no listing for Wondernerd in Salina, Kansas. What's going on here? Is this some kind of back room deal for video surveillance with a made-up company? I call for some kind of investigation. At least one council member agrees:
“I’m glad,” said council member Charline Stoppel. “I think we should get them.”
Okay, so Charline was talking about some mythical bad guys that the video would catch, I guess, but still...


One of your best yet. More coffee on the floor then in the cup after the laugh.
Let me know when you find out who they are and maybe I can find them more Wondernerds to join their team.