That's one way to get business

Sorry to have been away for a few days, loyal blog readers. I took a family vacation to Columbus, Ohio (don't ask why), and then got stuck in Columbus, thanks to US Air's typical crappiness. Seriously, is there a worse airline than US Air? I think not. Further, I'm slightly distracted today thanks to the glorious Celtics victory that went down last night. I watched all 18 of their 18 straight losses last year, so feel extra deserving of some gloating this year. Also, I'm a typical Boston sports fan and am just generally a jerk about such things, so here's a nice photo for y'all (that's Celtic coach Doc Rivers, whom I've called lots of nasty names over the years, in front of long-time Celtics icon Red Auerbach): Thus, my blog entry for the day is a whimsical tale from Scotland of "a security company enforcer who threatened people to get contracts for her firm." That's one way to drum up new recurring revenue. But it gets better: Heavily-built Marion Lang, 50, had earlier been found guilty on three counts of extortion after a nine-day trial. I love how she's "heavily built." As though a small woman couldn't burn down your house or shoot your dog.