There's no hiding in NMC's new central

I had a chance to tour National Monitoring Center's new central station in Irving, Texas on my way to the airport from the TechSec conference last week. It's housed in a brand-spanking new plaza that, when I pulled up, only had one car in the parking lot (which happened to my host, Stefan Rayner, the central station manager's vehicle, still sporting California plates). Stefan gave me a tour of the new facility, which is nearly complete (minus a few pieces of furniture here and there), but won't be completely up and running until early this summer. Stefan explained all the renovations and additions they had made to the building and I even peeked in a currently unoccupied building next door to see how much work they had put into the space. I must say, I was very impressed with the design: from the sleek glass doors that made the space very open and breathable, to interesting features like the electrostatic glass viewing window that can be illuminated to see operators at work (see picture above). Stefan explained this feature was a way to show clients the central station space without distracting operators with continual walk-throughs. Certainly a good idea. Now, I must admit I've only seen a handful of central stations, but this one is above and beyond what is actually required for a central station in terms of design. It currently has 20 operator stations, (with room for at least five more), a roomy break area for operators (although it too is surrounded by glass, so any snoozing, for example, isn't a secret), a training/education room, conference room (that's the one with the electrostatic glass), a large circular reception area and two offices for management, which, by the way, are also surrounded by glass, so the boss can't sneak in any shut eye either. The only thing I would like to see at every central station is some type of exercise space for operators (and at my office, too, now that I think of it).