Thinking green


Green’s been a recurring theme in my reporting this week and for the past couple months.

When I was at ASIS, several integrators/manufacturers where talking about integrating security with energy-  and building management. And, a long those lines,  last week I spoke to Schneider Electric about the security element of their new Green Buildings Segment.   Interesting stuff. 

And, frankly, I just plain like the fact that there's a business case for being green and the fact that the security industry is involved.

This morning, I spoke to Elliott Boxerbaum and Chad Parris, consultants with Security Risk Management Consultants, Inc for a story I’m working on. In case you don’t know them, these guys specify big deal security/building projects around the world and have worked with most of the national and regional integrators in North America.

When I asked Boxerbaum and Parris if they’re doing much work with green buildings, they said yes. In fact, they worked on the largest green building in the state of Ohio. According to some, it's the largest green building in the U.S.

Siemens was the integrator for this job.

The Lazarus building in Columbus  was is a 1.5 million square-foot retail facility that’s now an office building. It earned a Gold level LEED certification. Boxerbaum said building owners get LEED points for things like encouraging staff to ride bikes to work, and having showers on site. This particular building also has a green roof. “It’s like a park with gardens, trees and bushes, picnic tables and benches,” Parris told me. “It’s an interactive urban space on top of the building,” he said.

Sounds great to me, but Boxerbaum pointed out that along with these cool projects come new security challenges for specifiers, integrators and end users. Among them, security implications for parking area for bikes, access to showers, and managing access for the public to a rooftop park in a major city.

New opportunities, new challenges.

I’ll have more on the Schneider initiative and Security Risk Management Consultants here and in the January issue of Security Systems News.