Time to invest in an alarm system...

Try to make sense of this.
The owner of ABC Car Sales & Rental, 617 N. Dixie Hwy., told police someone burglarized his Hallandale Beach store between 6:30 and 11 p.m. July 28.
Hmm. Not sure when during those five hours the burglary happened. Guess you need an alarm system, dude. But, well, this probably doesn't happen that often. You learned your lesson. Oh well.
The burglars stole three Dell laptops valued at $800 each, a surveillance system, two cameras, a digital video recorder and an alarm siren valued at a total of $4,000 and three Global Positioning System units valued at $200 each.
A: Those Dell laptops are valued by me at about $80, not $800. You can get brand news ones for like $499. I saw the ad on TV about 50 times during 60 Minutes the other night. B: What's going on with the surveillance system, exactly? Did you not have the DVR secured in an out of the way place? Did you go online and buy this and install it yourself and think it was actually going to do something? Seems like that was a bad investment, but, hey, live and learn, right?
As the owner walked through the store with officers they spotted a phone junction box ripped from a wall and lying on the ground. A video camera was removed from a wall and a phone wire torn off another wall.
The sentences were inserted in the story just because. It's called adding "color." I don't really see what other purpose they serve.
The burglars bent and twisted a metal door to enter the business. A door jamb surrounding the steel door was broken, split and splintered and the key pad for the alarm system was taken off a wall.
Yikers. Seems like these guys made a bit of a ruckus getting in. Must be an out of the way spot. Weird, right? Especially considering this was done before 11:30 at night, when people are kind of our and about. But here's the real question: HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THE KEY PAD FOR THE ALARM SYSTEM WAS TAKEN OFF THE WALL AND NO ALARM WENT OFF AND NO CENTRAL STATION WAS NOTIFIED AND NO COPS WERE DISPATCHED? I mean, they don't even know what time this happened. If there's a dispatch, and the guys are just too quick, well, that's that. But if there's an alarm system and this happens, someone screwed up in a major way, right? What is going on here?
A black crow bar was left behind inside the business.
Let's check it for prints.
The owner told police it was the fourth time this year the business had been hit.
What? There's no way this is real, right? It's got to be an insurance thing, or something. How could this be the fourth time this has happened and the alarm system doesn't work and he's got no idea where or how to install the cameras, etc.? It's ridiculous. I really do not understand the world.


Who needs to lock the barn door? It's not like the horse is gonna escape *again*, amirite?