Update on JM Allain/Panasonic

Well, I submitted some email questions to Panasonic regarding JM Allain's departure, and this is what I got: -- Me: Do you intend to keep this role permanently or are you now looking for a replacement for JM? Panasonic: Joe Taylor is acting as interim President of Panasonic System Solutions Company (America), in addition to continuing to serve as Executive Vice President and COO of Panasonic Corporation of North America. Panasonic intends to fill the position. Me: Whose decision was it for JM to leave his role? Is Panasonic satisfied with JM's performance in his role? Panasonic: JM Allain resigned to pursue other interests. [No further comment.] Me: JM spoke very much about being a "solutions" company. Does his leaving alter that new tack for Panasonic Security Solutions? Panasonic: Panasonic System Solutions Company’s overall “systems solutions” market strategy was in place prior to JM Allain joining the company, however due to his background he was very much a proponent of our solutions-oriented approach. Panasonic’s Security Systems business will continue to provide cutting-edge video surveillance products and system solutions – as we have been for over 50 years – and we also will continue to work closely with other Panasonic business units and third-party players to provide comprehensive and integrated system solutions as part of the Panasonic experience. -- So, just about what I expected for responses. Panasonic isn't exactly known for airing their dirty laundry. Ladies and Gentlemen, get your resumes polished. There's a pretty good job open...