UTC makes big buy

The folks at UTC are excited about a big acquisition they completed on New Years Eve and announced a few days ago. It's a fire services company based in California called Detection Logic Fire Protection, a $100 million dollar company that's been built up over the past few years, though a series of acquisitions. Terms weren't released, but it's been hailed as a very smart move for UTC by the industry insiders I've talked to. Here's the newswire story I wrote, and at some point in the next day or so, there will be a little video on ssnTVnews (located on our home page, upper right hand corner) of Sam and I talking about this story. Please keep in mind this is my first foray into video, and there's probably a good reason why I haven't ventured into this medium before. I'm expecting to get some tips from SSN's associate editor, Dan Gelinas. (You'll be able to see the video of Dan and Sam talking about a new partnership between ADT and iControl on ssnTVnews as well.) In addition to being a great reporter and new maven of monitoring, Dan's done a bunch of theater. There may be hope for me. Look how far Sam's come from his debut a few weeks ago. Below is that pièce de résistance, a promo he made for the ssnTVnews reader video contest.