UTC makes move on Diebold

How's this for Monday morning news: UTC has made an unsolicited offer to buy Diebold for $2.63 billion (yep, that's "b" for billion). Not that it doesn't make a lot of sense. Since UTC bought Red Hawk and consolidated its installation and integration business in the United States under that brand, it's been number 2 in the financial vertical and none too subtle about its intentions to be number 1. This would obviously make them number 1 (and pretty much unable to see number 2 in the rearview mirror). Might that be an anti-trust violation? I have no idea, but regulators might want to take a look at that. Look for me to gather up some "wow" quotes for the newswire on Thursday. For fun, though, I'll leave you with some of the indication of just how hostile this takeover might be. Here's the end of a response letter John Lauer, chairman of Diebold's board, sent to George David, chairman and CEO of UTC: In addition, we respectfully request that, from here forward, neither you nor any other representative of UTC contact any member of the Diebold Board. And then here's David's response to that: Failing an ability to engage in discussions with Diebold’s board and management, we believe it is in your shareholders’ interests to know of this proposal. Although you directed me in your last letter not to have further contact with Diebold board members, I am urging a timely response now while the matter remains confidential. Hmmm, wonder why I know about this...