Va. wants to tax alarm accounts

Do alarm business in Virginia? The Virginia fire fighters union is hoping, once again, to raise revenue by taxing your alarm accounts. Proposals currently in the Virginia General Assembly call for annual taxes on each monitored account of anywhere from $1 to $2.50 per account, per month. Yikes. John Chwat, NBFAA's legislative guy, says they could raise "tens of millions of dollars" with this scheme. He notes that a similar measure passed the Senate in Virginia last year and was defeated with the help of the NBFAA and the VBFAA. Chwat said that if this passes in Virginia, other states may look at implementing these kinds of fees. What should you do? Call the General Assembly, Here's the number and some talking points from the NBFAA If you live in Virginia, call the General Assembly NOW and vote.  During business hours, call the Constituent Viewpoint Opinion Line at 804-698-1990 or 800-889-0229 and a general assembly staff member will record your vote by bill number and forward the information to your representatives.  If you have employees or subcontractors with whom you work, share this information and encourage them to call.   If you do business or live in Virginia, visit, telephone, fax, email or text the members of the Virginia State Senate and House of Delegates who represent where you live, where your business is located, or for whom you are the security services provider and communicate your displeasure with turning an industry of mostly small businesses into tax collectors. Links are listed below.   Tell them:  The bill is a "tax" on businesses and customers in the state The fees originally envisioned covering just firefighters but has now increased to other state and local employees, increasing the bill's cost to the industry There is no limit to the fees proposed-in just one month since introduction, fees in the bill to monitoring companies have jumped from $1.00 to $2.50 and they are now considering broadening this legislation to local employees The legislation was not reported in 2008 despite passage in the State Senate The state has no idea how many customers nor businesses will be impacted to pay for the benefits It's unfair to single out one industry The following are important links for contacting the Virginia legislature:   If you are a resident of Virginia, you may follow this link to find your specific Representative and/or Senator:   For those out of state, the following is a link to the House of Delegates and Senate member roster. You may click on each members name for further information:   Representatives:   Senators:$$Viewtemplate%2Bfor%2BWMembershipHome?OpenForm   Link to Committee Pages:   Link to House Appropriations Committee:   Link to Senate Finance Committee: