Vancouver? Security? Call Mike Jagger

If you're looking for lessons on raising your public profile, call Mike Jagger, head of Provident Security in Vancouver. I don't think I've seen a story about security in Vancouver in the last year that Mike wasn't involved in. Dude is an impressive networker. Today, he's quoted in a story about some people with idle time on their hands going around and counting the number of security cameras in Vancouver. Who ya gonna call (if you're a reporter looking for a balancing source?)? Well, Mike Jagger, of course. So, why are they counting the cameras?
[T]he Public Space Network and the Surveillance Project are just hoping to provide a more accurate count -- so the public will have a sense of how often they're caught on camera -- often without even realizing it.
Hasn't this gotten tired by this point? Is there really anyone in the world anymore who's shocked - SHOCKED - by the amount of cameras watching the public domain? Isn't the anecdotal evidence overwhelming that people want cameras in their neighborhoods because they think they combat (or at least move) crime? Anyway, good thing they called Mike:
Michael Jagger of Provident Security says technology is also getting to a point where it risks invading people's privacy less. "We've programmed a number of rules to say, for example, if somebody gets too close to the windows you can see it's creating an alarm each time he's crossing the line," Jagger said.
Um, does that quote actually follow the first paragraph? If you understand that he's talking about video analytics, and that it's only going to record if someone gets too close to the windows and triggers the recording, then, well, sure, that makes sense. If you're Joe Blow on the street watching the TV news? That makes about zero sense. "Creating an alarm"? What does that have to do with me being videotaped in public and having my God-given right to never be seen by anyone unless I want them to stripped away thousands of times a day?


I was confused by that quote... and I'm the one who gave it.

The story makes a bit more sense in the video form...

thanks for the kind words Sam.