Viewpoint CRM ready to open new facility

Perhaps you caught this story a couple weeks ago in the Boston Globe. It did my heart good to read it. It's about a security company, Viewpoint CRM, that's projecting growth despite the economic turmoil the rest of the world is experiencing. Viewpoint CRM is a video surveillance company based in Lowell, Mass. One of their strong points is that in a tough economy, it makes more sense to use technology to make surveillance intelligent, and real time rather than dull, expensive and reactionary the way actual human guard services can be. I wrote a story on a similar company Virtual Guard Services a few months ago. According to Viewpoint CRM vice president of channel sales & marketing Michael Hanlon, the center will be up and running "in a couple weeks." Tune back in then for an update on this new advanced video monitoring facility, a couple pictures of which I've included below. viewpoint12 viewpoint21