Vultures swarm around USProtect carcass

Not that I have any sympathy for them, but I wouldn't want to be the execs (former execs) at USProtect right now. You know, they're the guys who bribed a GSA employee with cash and cruises and landed $100 million+ in federal contracts? Yeah, those guys. Anyway, they're getting what's coming to them. As in: The Maryland U.S. attorney's office is seeking $6.9 million and property from a bank account owned by a Silver Spring security company whose former executive has admitted bribing a government official to secure $130 million in contracts. Federal prosecutors filed the forfeiture claim yesterday in U.S. District Court in Baltimore against USProtect, formerly called Holiday International Security, which provided guards for 18 federal agencies at 120 installations in 32 states and territories. USProtect is also now in bankruptcy filings, so if they owe you money, fat chance seeing it. As in, if you're a guard working for them, your paycheck is going to bounce. I'm kind of shocked the Baltimore Sun is the only real mainstream outlet covering this story. It seems ripe for the Dateline treatment, if you ask me - fat government contracts, bribery, everybody's fessed up.