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There was some news breaking today, like Security Networks being acquired by industry newcome Oak Hill Capital. We knew about it, and even talked to Rich Perry and the guys at Oak HIll, but we were unable to post a story today because there was something else breaking in Yarmouth, Maine, home of Security System News: Our Internet was down all day and, in fact, is still out right now.

You see, we had a rip-snorter of a storm (as the father of one of my childhood friends used to say) last night. No snow, but lots of rain and wind, big limbs down and the last of the fall leaves are now matted to the ground. Many of us in and around the Portand, Maine area woke up to no power and cancelled school this morning

I'm posting this from my home, which is 15 miles south of Yarmouth. Thankfully, power was restored here by mid-afternoon.

We actually had power at our office all day, but Time Warner's hub that covers Yarmouth—or at least our buidling in Yarmouth—was with out power all day, so no Internet. Our email is tied to the Internet, so no email either.

We're hopeful all will be right tomorrow, but just in case, if you need to speak to Dan or Tess or I tomorrow, call instead of emailing.