Want to secure the Brooklyn Bridge?

I know that sounds like a come on, but there appears to be about a half billion dollars worth of business out there for securing the bridges that connect Manhattan with the mainland. But you better hurry if you want in on the deal: Contractors have until 2 p.m. on Jan. 9 to express interest in carrying out the work. So far, 23 firms have done so, including Kane Security Screens of Braintree, Mass.; Siemens Government Services of Reston, Va.; and Integrated Security Solutions of Kalispell, Mont. Just throw your name in the hat. Couldn't hurt, right? An employee of the Corps Contracting Division told the Brooklyn Eagle Tuesday that solicitation number W912DS-09-S-0014 is a “sources sought” solicitation, “to determine how many qualified contractors are available to do the job.” She noted that the plan is in the earliest stage of development, and the Corps has not yet issued a request for proposals or invitation for a bid. According to the solicitation, the estimated cost of this work would be between $400 and $500 million. One would think they'd publish this kind of "sources sought" call in a certain publication that does nothing but distribute information to security companies, but I suppose that would make too much sense.