Welcome to the new Web site

Sorry for the intermittent posting lately, but that should all end now that we've got our brand-new Web site up and running like a champ.  So, what's so new? A few major things: 1. The Vertical Search Engine: Seriously, this thing is sweet (and I don't say that only because it took me a few dozen hours of work). Check it out in the upper right hand corner. Essentially, it's google, but only searches Web sites that are germane to the industry (that's the list I put together). Right now, the list of sites is a little manufacturer heavy because it's easy to collect their web sites, but if you've got a site you'd like to be included, just send it along to me and I'll throw it in there if I think it's of benefit to the industry at large.  And what's that mean? Right now it means that it's primary source material - i.e., no aggregators, blogs, etc., that rely on other sources for their content. The idea is to filter out clutter and get you right to the information you're looking for as quickly as possible. You'll also notice that you can sort by a number of sub-industry categories, like monitoring, etc., which will allow you to weed out even more sites and get you as close to what you're looking for as we can figure out.  And you don't have to come to our Web site first to use this if you don't want to (but of course you want to). The direct url is www.ssnwebsearch.com. This is probably, to use IT speak, version .9, so please feel free to comment and suggest on how we can make this better and more useful. My favorite current use for it is tracking down people with names like Robert Smith (not an actual name I've searched) in the industry. Do that search on Google and you get all manner of crap. Do that here and you're likely to find the actual guy you're looking for.  Remember, if your site doesn't seem to come up, don't curse me; send me an email at [email protected]. There are already 2,000+ sites included, and I had to cut and paste every one of those into an excel file. You can see why that might have gotten tiresome at some point. 2. ssnTVnews - again, this is version .8, maybe. What you see up there right now is the results of our video contest (I know I said there would be 10 winners - well, if 10 of you had sent me usable videos, that's how many there would have been). If you're an integrator and not pimping a product, send me a link to a youtube video and we can still get you up there. We'll add stuff all the time, including some commercials at some point. Also, starting Monday, there will be original content featuring the members of the SSN staff. We'll see if that turns out to be a good idea or not, but it will basically offer you a behind the scenes look at some of the conversations we have here in the newsroom, and it will let you make snarky comments on things like the cut of my beard or how many times we stumble over our words. This isn't meant to be CNN/Security, but it should offer you some information and commentary you find valuable.  3. Commenting and emailing: Now you can comment on all of our stories, email them directly to your colleagues, and email the editor directly from the bottom of the story if you have feedback or ideas. This is somewhat dangerous, I realize, but should be fun. But only if you actually comment. C'mon, everyone's doing it. 4. The stock ticker: Man that thing is mesmerizing. Now you can watch the market fall, but only the security part! My optimism for the economy knows no bounds... 5. This new blogging software I'm using, which shows you the old posts better, shows you old comments better, and is easier to use both for you and for me. Now, if I could just get it optimized for Safari... (and don't tell me about Firefox being better. It's annoying and crashes my computer). So, that's that. Poke around, tell us what's wrong with it, and let us know how the site can better suit your needs. It's a bit of a work in progress, but I think it's way better and a little closer to 2.0 than we used to be.


Very nice! Congradulations.

nice work!