Well, this makes the naked video slightly less entertaining

Harumph. Just when you thought you had a good naked burglar video to laugh about, a possible explanation for his problem has to come along and make you question your morality. This article says naked guy was possibly suffering from some kind of diabetes-related mental problems:
Police received a call Tuesday evening from a relative of the man who saw news media reports about the early Monday morning break-in, Foltz said. Investigators then spoke with the man, who agreed to come in for questioning, he said. Police were told the man was suffering from a medical problem related to his diabetes during the break-in, Foltz said.
The commenters on the story, of course, are having none of it. Most assume his "medical problem" was an addiction to meth or PCP. Which would sort of explain hanging out in someone's house while naked, cooking meals, and taking showers, then leaving wrapped in a bed sheet. But so, possibly, would having some kind of insulin deficiency. Maybe. I'm not doctor. If it turns out he was suffering from mental illness, does it make me a bad person for laughing aloud when the woman told the news station, "You can see the crack in his butt; you can see the front part of his organ"? Because I did kind of watch it three or four times. And I did rewind a couple of extra times to hear the "crack in his butt" part. God that was funny. I'm kind of hoping he's just a garden-variety drug-addict thief so I can continue to feel good about myself. Isn't it much better when people on the Internet are only abstractions on video instead of real people?