Westec buys again

Rapidly growing video monitoring firm Westec made another purchase this week, grabbing Vyne Industries, which does video systems for the QSR (or quick service restaurant) industry - what used to be called fast food. This means Westec is in both McDonald's and Burger King - seems like there's a lot of installations to be done there. I was talking to their CEO, Kelby Hagar, at ISC West, and if you think a week in Vegas is bad for ISC, try two weeks for the McDonald's conference, where they bring in different regions for a few days each and string them up consecutively. That's got to be exhausting. I'd have more, but I'm posting from St. Charles, Ill., site of the PSA-TEC conference and I've got a few things to do, one of which is prep for the PSA jam session where I've got to actually play guitar and sing in front of people without embarrassing myself too thoroughly. I'll have a more in-depth report from PSA-TEC tonight and tomorrow, hopefully. I'm also a little grumpy because I can't make the AC go on in my room and it's 80 degrees in here. Grr.