Westec buys Digital Witness

Two of the leaders in video monitoring have teamed up as of yesterday, when Westec Interactive bought Digital Witness. Both have made digital video into business continuity plays, mostly in the retail and restaurant verticals (or maybe restaurants are in the retail vertical?), and while they are happy to talk security, they're mostly an ROI sale. Sound like anything I reported from Securing New Ground? Let this serve as a reminder that there are a number of companies out there working with digital surveillance that don't see themselves as part of the "security" industry, but aren't IT players either. They're simply security folks who don't make the rounds of all the secrurity conferences, necessarily. Go look at their web sites (here and here) to get the full picture, but these companies are definitely on board with recurring service revenue. Just look at Digital Witness' subscription model. They're getting plenty for the install, I can assure you, but then they're tacking on service/monitoring revenue of, at least, $264 per month on their basic system for a chain restaurant. Are you getting $264 a month from the last quickie-mart install you did? Our monitoring editor Leischen Stelter will have more on this deal for the newswire next week.