Whall departs HSM/Stanley


We just received word here at SSN HQ that Tim Whall has left his post as CEO/headman at HSM (A Stanley Works Company). National sales manager Tony Byerly has taken over the job, effective immediately. I'd link to the news, but there's apparently no official release yet. Guess they'll want to change this page. When Stanley paid big bucks for HSM not much more than a year ago, there was a lot of talk about how Whall's presence was part of the value there. As in these quotes: Sandra Jones, head of consultant group Sandra Jones & Co., said buying HSM is "like buying the Hope Diamond, a one of a kind thing, and so it becomes much more valuable ... You're better off paying a high multiple for a good company than less for a company built on smoke and mirrors." Jones singled out Tim Whall as one of the best executives in the industry. Les Gold, a lawyer with Mitchell, Siberberg & Knupp who brought Stanley and HSM together roughly a year ago, echoed Jones's praise of Whall: "He's just as good as they come." In an interview with Stanley Convergent Technologies Group head Brett Bontrager, I got this: "What we've wound up with is a world-class management team. What Tim [Whall, HSM COO] has put together is really exciting. The culture that they have for winning starts and ends with providing world-class service; everything else will fall in place. It's a culture we'd like to spread throughout our entire convergent security group ... They put their metrics in place and diligently manage to those metrics and they're based on service to the customer." Let's hope Stanley made quick work of spreading Whall's culture throughout the group, or that Byerly and his team have plenty of that culture in petri dishes in the storage closet. Anyone want to hazard a guess on where Whall winds up? He's been in the business a long time; seems like he'd be sticking around.