What do Richard Ginsburg & Motor Trend Magazine have in common?

Well I'm not sure Richard Ginsburg and Motor Trend Magazine actually have anything in common, but Ginsburg's company, Protection One, is featured in this month's (or week's, sorry, it may surprise you, but I'm not a subscriber) edition. Pro One is mentioned in a story about contenders for Motor Trend's 2010 Truck of the Year. Seems Pro One is making efforts to go green and is using the Ford Transit Connect, which, according to this story, is more of a van than a truck. It may be a van, and it may be green, can it still be mean? It sure sounds like it to me. It has some pretty macho-sounding features, like:
a load floor the length of a standard pickup bed and far more vertical space than any truck with a camper shell you'll ever see.
And how about this:
"What's more, its payload capacity blows Ford's other entry, the Raptor, out of the water with the ability to haul 1600 lbs.
Here's what the writer had to say about Pro One's truck:
"I found myself pacing a just-minted Transit Connect impressively decked out in the livery of an evident early business-adopter, Protection One Security," notes technical editor Kim Reynolds. "And like that, the whole thing made slap-the-forehead sense. Brilliant. Almost genius sense. With a roof rack and ladder on top, the funny ice cream truck became a deadly serious business implement. Suddenly it's a rolling toolbox." The Transit Connect wow'd our judges with its usability, but is it enough to take home the price, or has Ford sliced another niche too thin?
Congratulations to Pro One for making smart, economical, and green transportation choices, and I sure hope this van blows all the other entries out of the water in the final analysis. Click here to see the whole story.