What's Apple up to?

So, some of you out there may have been invited to a forum that videoNEXT is putting on at ASIS. At first glance, it's the same-old, same old: "The Future of Video Surveillance." Ho, hum. And look at the panelists: Steve Hunt, CPP, CISSP, Founder, Hunt Business Intelligence I think he's actually cloned himself so he can speak more often. Fredrik Nilsson, General Manager, Americas, Axis Communications Always enjoyable, but you can catch him pretty often, too. John Honovich, PSP, Founder of the popular www.ipvideomarket.info Good new voice in the marketplace, but, hey, you can read what he thinks pretty much any time you want. Peter Michael, P.E., PMP, Principal Engineer, Surveillance, SAIC Don't know this guy at all, but SAIC is a high-technology integrator. Should be pretty interesting if Hunt lets him talk. Christopher C. Gettings, Founder & Chairman, videoNEXT Well, videoNEXT is hosting the thing, so not surprising they're involved. Hmmm, let's see who's moderating this thing: Moderator: Garrett Rice, Sr. Manager, Enterprise Sales, Apple Inc. Um, what? It's funny, because you'd think that computer company Apple would get mad that there's a security firm out there calling themselves Apple Inc. I'd have thought that was a trademark infringement or something. What's that you say? It's the same company. Like the Apple that recently decided it would completely dominate and take over the worlds of recorded music, wireless phones, and cool commercials? Now they're interested in video surveillance? (They're sort of modestly included on videoNEXT's partner page. I've never seen Apple on a security company's partner page.) I hope you people are paying attention. Steve Jobs and Apple do not enter marketplaces half-assedly. They enter marketplaces with the idea of completely changing the way people do business. Let me be clear: The iPod radically changed my life for the better. There are millions and millions of people who agree with that statement. There's no reason Apple couldn't figure out a way to change a security installer's life for the better. Oh, and Apple has $20 billion in cash on hand. $20 billion. Like, just about the same amount as Microsoft. I find Apple's interest in surveillance and security very interesting and I'll have a report with some of the players very soon. In the meantime, if you're looking for a good download to the iPod, grab the new Dr. Dog disc. Bad name, great band.