What's going on at ASIS?

Or, maybe better put, What's going on at ASIS. With a period because I'm telling you. But they say questions make for good headlines on the web. Maybe I should stop listening to my web optimization guy... Anyway, here's the drill: I'm going to be meeting with a ton of people, most of them manufacturers, unfortunately (not that I don't love you, manufacturers, but only about 1/5 of my journalist coverage is theoretically dedicated to you), but some integrators, too. Here's the list - let me know if there are questions you'd like to see answered: Flir - a press event on Sunday night? Better be good snacks to go with those 21 new products. G4S - talking about their "new" monitoring center. You know, the one we wrote about (cough!) in December? Diebold - a check in, more than anything, and some talk about new video monitoring offerings. Allied Telesis - a meet and greet. Apparently they make switches and are eyeing network-based security. Genetec - a booth tour, and catching up on that webinar we're doing together. Honeywell - a meeting with Ralph Maniscalco to talk about how the new app is doing and more about the First Alert and CSS programs. Abeo Technology - talking with this integrator about their AWARE program, which is fueled by Knowledge Switch. HID - a noon-time press event. I've sort of already written about their big news with that Genuine HID stuff, but there's other stuff going on, too. Stanley - a check in with Tony Byerly, but also an introduction to some new stuff with Stanley Health Care. AMAG - they say they've got a story for me, but I'm also interested in the new partnership with Salto. Tyco - In truth, I can't actually remember if this meeting is more about American Dynamics or more about Software House, or maybe something else. Object Video and Pelco - meeting with them together to see how it's going with porting OV onto the Sarix cameras. Speco - I kind of want to see the DVR in a panel. Ionit - last time I met with them, it was a bit of a boozy affair. Might be good to have a more formal chat... Reed Exhibitions - apparently, they're not the devil. Who knew? Sanyo - a majorly involved press event for what's basically a small player in the industry, but I said yes because a certain Cameraman is convinced their new products are "awesomesauce," if I remember correctly. Siemens - cocktail party. Carey Boethel is such a good dresser, though, that I feel like I need to stay business formal. GE - a press event. Think they'll be answering questions about their impending sale? I'm guessing not. Doesn't mean I won't ask them, though. Johnson Controls - smart building talk with Lisa Roy and her entourage. Verint - a check in, and some talk about their presentation at TechSec (wait, I haven't actually announced that yet...). Canon - oh, whoops, scratch that. But they weren't lying when they said they were reallocating resources. I'm going to meet with them at ISC East. Infinova - mostly meeting with them because Mark Wilson from Milestone is there now and asked for a meet and greet. I don't really even know much about what they do. Pacom - meeting to talk about their new new CEO (never did meet old new CEO Magnus in person - wow, that was 2006? I've been here too long already). Niscayah - John Nemerofsky is hosting a lunch Mon.-Wed. That's a lot of lunch for one man. Panasonic - Do they have a new president yet? North American Video - a sit down with Jason Oakley to see how the new initiatives to break beyond gaming are working. OnSSI - I meet with them almost every show. Is it just so I can see the cool touchscreen in action? PSIA - I'm going to the plug fest. Are you? Too bad ONVIF kind of stole their thunder (I'd link more directly, but they've only posted a pdf and it's kind of a pain to cut and paste the URL for some reason). Honeywell - this is Honeywell's solutions business (I don't think they talk to the security guys much), and it's a meeting with old friend Andrew Wray, with whom I went to Israel, yet it's still important, apparently, that their PR firm, Weber Shandwick, be in the meeting. Hope they're desperate to hear Andrew talk about taking his boat from California to Guam... Bosch - I'm hitting up their tent to see the camera contest and maybe have some snacks. SG Digital - these are the guys who actually make HDCCTV DVRs. They didn't get a booth, but I'm going to visit their suite. Suite visits can be creepy, yes, and I'm going first thing in the morning. Hope they've got their dirty socks packed away. Cernium - mostly, I like the name Archerfish (that's only partially true). Pixim - I like talking to these guys because they have lots of market stats they're not shy about sharing. John Monti is a great gossip. Hirsch - more of a meeting with Bob Beliles to talk shop in general. And that's pretty much it, other than some parties and that HD panel discussion I'm leading (did I mention that? It's at 2 p.m., on Wed., Booth 1861, Hall C - be there or be a rhombus). Do you think that's busy enough? I've only made one clone for the show. Is that lazy of me? I'm feeling kind of guilty about it. Also, make sure to check out all of Security Director News' coverage. Managing editor Leischen Stelter is going to be busting out all kinds of video. If you want to find me out in Anaheim, the best bet is to follow the Twitter tweets. I'm @sam_pfeifle. I'm slightly concerned my iPhone will self-combust from overuse, but we'll see what happens.