What's new with newcomers 2GIG and ETL/Intertek?

Read on for the latest on two security newcomers: ETL Intertek and 2GIG Technologies. 2GIG is Honeywell vets Lance Dean and Scott Simon's start-up company. Lance and Scott are making a new alarm panel called GO!Control. It's a "self-contained, all in one security and home management system panel" with a fancy LCD touchscreen. Here's a story I wrote about them., and here's a link to their site. Yesterday, 2GIG announced that GO!Control has been ETL certified. ETL/Intertek is the newest NRTL in town, taking on UL and FM in the security and fire space, and by all reports, making some waves. NRTL, for the uninitiated, rhymes with turtle, and is the way the cool people refer to Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories. Here's the 2GIG/ETL Intertek press release.