What's up with 'redundant' proprietary centrals?

So I don't know if anyone else is wondering, but I sure am. What did my boss' tweet from the floor of TechSec Solutions mean? Here it is: Around 10 a.m. Security Systems News' editor Sam_Pfeifle tweeted "From techsecsol: 'the proprietary central station is becoming redundant. If I was at barnes, I'd be looking to sell my accounts now.'" Huh? I have an email out to Sam looking for clarification and would love to get any commentary from any of my readers. What does this mean to you? If the proprietary central is on its way out, what's going to replace it? Any comments?


Proprietary to me would mean a Central Station that can only support a limited number of alarm protocols from a limited number of alarm panels using limited transmission paths (take that to mean POTS only). A proprietary Central Station would likely not provide web access to subscriber accounts for their dealers (if they have dealers). I picture a couple of Ademco 685 receivers in a wooden rack next to a 386 computer running DOS based automation software - not that there is anythinh wrong with that ;-)

Thanks for the input, Steve. I've actually just received the contact info for the source of that piece of speculation. I'll be following up with him and will continue reporting on that story.

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