Where else you gonna go for vendor-neutral info on video and RMR?

I was talking to RSI Video Technologies president Keith Jentoft the other day (actually my day today began with a chat with Keith as well), and he was telling me about a project he'd been working on with ESA (that's the new-fangled NBFAA, for those of you who haven't been paying attention). It seems the parties involved have been working on a "Technology Interest Group." Jentoft assured me the endeavor would be vendor-neutral and packed full of useful info to help traditional burg folks to start reaping some of the benefit of video. The first category explored at the wiki is video-verified alarm systems. I actually wrote a story with input from Jentoft and Sandra Jones and Company principle Sandy Jones. Look for that story on SSN's next newswire tomorrow (I'll update this post with a link when it's available). from the wiki:
The first category to be addressed is Video Verified Alarms as this is a small incremental step in both technology and business model from the traditional intrusion alarm business. We hope to complete all sections soon. We are especially looking for actual real-life input from central stations and dealers to bring value to the 'Best Practices' section under each of the three technologies covered in Video Verified Alarm Systems.
They're looking for real, live input from bona fide security industry folks, so drop on by and participate. And maybe earn some money and be part of the next big trend...


Vendor neutrality is the key to the acceptance of mainstream video verification. Right now, there are very few vendor neutral solutions around so I think we are in for a shaky start.

A ten second video clip is simply not going to cut it for serious dealers. Neither is the single model IP Camera being offered by several early players in the video verification market. Any dealer that has installed even a few camera systems will know that one model of camera cannot hope to cover all applications. A dealer needs the ability to install an Axis camera alongside a Panasonic, Sony or other brand to overcome low light, backlight, field of view and other problems that they will find out in the field on a regular basis.

There is a lot of hype around right now because it's all new. Centrals need to do their homework and listen carefully to their Dealers before jumping onboard the first solution that comes along. If anyone thinks that consumers will swap out their alarm control panel just to get video verification - they need a reality check !