Which dealer is the social media shark of the day?

The social media shark of the day is Smith & Wesson. I was moved to make this award when Wayne Wahrsager sent me a link to the new Smith & Wesson Security’s You Tube station. Wayne said they’ll be using it mostly for instructional videos for customers and dealers. The stuff on there now is pretty straight-up, but Wayne is promising that they'll post some humorous commercials. I can’t imagine what they’ll be like, but I’m ready to view. Wayne said he’d let me know when those are posted, and I, in turn, will let you know. Or you can subscribe, just follow the link below. So this is good, but to earn social media shark status with me there's gotta be more. And there is: S&W is busting out a Facebook page and they’ll be on Twitter too. I asked Wayne if he was going to tweet and he said, no that'll be someone else's job—likely his son Aaron (who was on our 2009 "20 under 40" roster of up-and-coming young people in security industry.) Wayne told me: “I’m not going to be the Tweeter, someone else is gonna be the Tweeter.” I can't blame you Wayne. Here’s the You Tube link.