Who will end up with Niscayah?


Who's going to end up as the parent company of Niscayah? Will it be Stanley Black & Decker, a company that's well known in North America, but thought of as a power tool company, rather than a security company, (from what I hear anyway) over in Europe? Or will it be Niscayah's former parent, Securitas, which, in recent days, extended the time frame for its offer, but also said said it won't up its $907 million stock offer?

It seems logical that Niscayah would go for Stanley's $1.2 billion cash offering, but t's not over til it's over of course. Stanley's offer commences on July 25 and is currently set to expire on July 29. Some one else could theoretically make an offer in the meantime. Highly unlikely, of course, but possible.

Whichever way it goes, these two guys will have a lot of say: Melker Schorling, and Gustaf Douglas. Schorling and Douglas are the two largest shareholders of Securitas, and, according to Bloomberg, they're among the top six largest shareholders in Niscayah. Schorling is chairman of the board of directors for Securitas, and number 743 among the "world's billioinaiires" according to Forbes.

Forbes ranks  Douglas as number 488 among the world's billionaires. Both Douglas and Melker endorsed the Securitas offer when it was made in May. They have not commented publicly on whether they believe Niscayah should now accept the higher offer from Stanley.