Why doesn't every vendor use video like this?

Admittedly, Feeling Software has been a little hard to wrap my arms around. Not only is the name kind of off-putting (software with feelings? software that feels me up? software that looks you deep in the eyes and asks, "are you feeling me, brother?"), but its description of its trademark Omnipresence software runs like this:
Omnipresence combines video surveillance with advanced 3D graphics technology. Through partnerships with surveillance industry leaders including Pelco, Genetec, Axis, and Milestone Systems, Omnipresence integrates with the video management system (VMS) to receive live and archived video feeds. These videos are projected inside of a 3D map of the facility in their real locations. In understanding the spatial relationship between all cameras, Omnipresence removes the complexity of operating large-scale surveillance systems. With its scalable architecture, Omnipresence allows a security professional to visualize and optimize their use of an unlimited number of security cameras over vast areas (entire facilities and cities).
Um, okay. So there's a 3D map that the videos are projected inside? How does that work exactly? Would that actually be a good thing, or just completely confusing? I've always been fond of 2D maps, myself. Well, at least they made the effort to "show" me/you what they're talking about with a simple and handy YouTube video. After watching it, I'm not sure if it's the best sales tool for what they're offering, as I think it looks kind of clumsy and confusing (some sound wouldn't kill me, either), but that's up to you, really. Check it out: Regardless of what you think about the product, isn't it a good idea for manufacturers to make up some simple videos and throw them on YouTube? I mean, it's not like this industry has got video crawling out of every nook and cranny or anything...


Hi Sam,

Glad you found our ASIS teaser video intriguing.

"So there’s a 3D map that the videos are projected inside? How does that work exactly?"

This is precisely what we'll be demonstrating at the ASIS show next week, and in more product videos and documentation that we will be releasing shortly thereafter. By the way, just read your "rant" post; sounds like you're going to have an exciting few days at the show! Enjoy.

Josh Koopferstock
Director of Marketing
Feeling Software