Why that Trustmark thingee matters

Not sure how many people have seen the article on CompTIA's new Security Trustmark, administered by none other than Security Dreamer Steve Hunt, but today I ran across a case in point. Apparently, the cops in Plymouth Township, Pa., just caught a guy they think has committed 40 or so burglaries. Ho hum. Crooks are everywhere. If they weren't, you'd all be out of business. But then there's this:
Sources tell Fox News Mack is a former employee of a security company that was hired to guard corporate centers. He had access to the security codes that gave him access to the buildings where some of the burglaries occurred.
Does your company have a policy about what happens when an employee leaves? What information was that employee privy to? What customers could be compromised if that employee should decide he'd rather be a criminal than a security company employee? If I were a corporate client, that would be one of the first things I'd ask of a security company - what happens when one of your guys gets fired? I'm guessing CompTIA's new certification addresses that kind of thing. You show the Trustmark, you don't get asked the question (assuming the end user knows what a Trustmark is - that's going to take a while).