Will computers replace human operators in central stations?

I was emailing with Dice Corporation business development EA Melissa Roedel recently, and she was all excited about a new branding initiative Dice is ready to throw into high gear. Dice, a provider of security industry dispatch software, in February unveiled its newest offering, Quantum Operator, a software system designed using advanced human-like voice technologies to make calls on alarms. The system can handle 12 to 100 calls at a time, depending on how it is configured, and can allow human operators to concentrate on higher-level alarms. Dice president Mike Simpson said Quantum Operator is just one of more than 75 upcoming Dice products and services that will bear the Quantum branding. New York, N.Y.-based Statewide Monitoring recently installed Quantum Operator, and company president Steven Coppola said he has been pleased with the results. Simpson claimed the next few releases of the product may include such services as Collection Calls, Service Appointment Notification, Installation Quality Inspections, Sales Appointment Reminders, and Sales Presentation Calls. Stay tuned for updates as they become available.


Wasn't there are a huge, across the board management layoff recently at Dice, resulting in Simpson and other's departure?

That would be news to me. I've been getting ready for and traveling to the ISC West show. I'll have to call my person at Dice and see what she says. Thanks for the interest.