Will the NBFAA change its name?

Some breaking news from the show floor: Just spoke with Jon Sargent, past president of the California Alarm Association, and he said there's a movement afoot to change the NBFAA's name to the ESA - the Electronic Security Association. This would come into line with ESX itself - the Electronic Security Expo - and would encompass more of what the industry actually does, Sargent noted. This comes a couple years after another considered name change, when the organization almost went to ELSSA - the Electronic Life Safety & Systems Association. You'll see from the linked story that people weren't too keen on that. However, that was before ESX, and that was a much worse name. Apparently, the state associations will be considering the name change pretty seriously later today. We'll keep you posted.


ESA, I liked the presentation...such potential...So, in Virginia, we would become VESA...everywhere you want to be.

And all the M states could be MESA - which might be a problem for the Spanish speakers out there, who'll think you all make tables.

I vote for National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association, Not to Mention CCTV, Access Control, Home Automation, A/V, Telephone, Networking, and Intercom Association, or NBFAA/NMCCTVACHAAVTNIA. More specific that way.