Wren and Tippy

It's pretty hard for me to read this very nice piece about Wren Solutions without giggling a little. First off, Wren is run by a guy named "Tippy"? Like Wren and Tippy? Like Ren and Stimpy? How did I not know that? I've only met Andrew Wren, whom I'm guessing is Tippy's son. This is Tippy: This is Ren and Stimpy: Hmmm. I'm going to say there's a bit of a resemblance there. (Sorry, Tippy.) Is there a security-related inspiration for one of the most twisted cartoons ever produced? I think more investigation may be needed. And you've got to love the caption they provide for Tippy: Cliff “Tippy” Wren is the founder of Wren Solutions, located in St. Martins. He started working for his father in his pre-teen years and is celebrating 25 years at Wren Solutions. Am I the only one that thinks that sounds like Tippy is only 40 or so? Is so, he hasn't aged all that well...